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How it all Began

Zane's passion for team roping started very young at his Grampa Jim's side. Jim loved team roping and took pride in producing community ropings with great cattle in his home town of Garden Valley, Idaho. Holiday weekend ropings with friends and family is when it all began. Zane and Erica met in college at Central Wyoming College where their love of team roping and rodeo together began. They moved to Oklahoma to continue college. After college Grandpa Jim wanted to move to Kansas to train rope horses and raise team roping cattle. After some health problems Jim passed away, but his strong work ethic, and love of the sport was passed to Zane who continued to grow their dream of producing quality events and having great roping cattle. Not long after Jim died, Zane and Erica met John Herrman. John's love for cattle and their combined ideas of producing roping and having great cattle continued to grow their partnership. John's influence and expertise with cattle and Zane's experience with roping built ZJ Cattle from the ground up. Zane and his family continue to contract steers to other roping producers throughout the country in the Midwest and produce their own ropings throughout the year. After John Herrman passed away Zane and Erica continued to grow the steer business and changed their brand to ZRopings where they were given the opportunity to produce World Series of Team Roping events. They have continued to contract and lease cattle nationally and produce quality events as a family business. 


Our mission is to provide great cattle and quality team ropings throughout the US. We want to provide the best customer service and production for our ropers to feel appreciated and have fun at our events. 

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